Lifestyle Planner

You're constantly evolving. So is your break-even point. 
Income goals aren't arbitrary numbers. It's how you stay in business, sleep in, work from anywhere, and afford to eat organic.

  • Do you know how much it costs to live your ideal lifestyle?
  • Do you know the minimum dollar amount you can charge for any product or service?
  • Do you know how to pay taxes on time and have more than enough money left over even if you suck at bookkeeping? 
  • Do you know how much it would cost to stop doing all the shit you hate?

Well, you do know!




How much is it and what's included:

$27. It's an Excel file with 2 main types of spreadsheets. 

One detailed sheet to show the exact cost of your monthly expenses and budget over a 12 month period plus a condensed version for when you want and quick overview of an average month or year. (Watch the preview video above, it will make perfect sense when you see it.)

Plus duplicate copies for extra dreaming and planning. 

It also comes with an instructional video on how to use each sheet. 

Are you an accountant or financial advisor? 

No. I am not qualified to give you advice and this planner doesn't aim to. 

This planner is good for performing basic math that anyone with a pencil, calculator and a lot of time on their hands can figure out. 

If you want a quick and easy method to stay on top of your numbers so you can make more informed decisions in your business then this is it.

Does this come with the Profit Planner?

Yes, it does. If you own the Profit Planner but don't see this included, then you need to download the latest version. You should have received an email with a link to download the latest update. 

Send me an email if you need me to resend the link. 


Isn't this just a spreadsheet? Can't I find a free version somewhere or make my own?

Sure, you can search the web for something similar or make your own but it won't be this informative. This spreadsheet includes deductible and nondeductible expenses, taxes and break-even point.

The other spreadsheets I've found didn't have this level of detail. I was left to figure it out on my own or pay an accountant to tell me, which most of the time meant that I skipped over this... until I could get around to it.

Turns out, a lot of people do this, and since you're still reading this, you probably do too!

Figuring out how much money you really need to make to cover expenses and still afford taxes can be tricky. But I learned how and want to help others so they don't create unnecessary cash flow problems for themselves. 

It's a lot easier to make important decisions like, setting your prices or creating a marketing strategy when you know your break even point and minimum revenue target. 

Guessing and ignoring these facts just isn't good enough. This creates a cash flow problem that most coaches and service based entrepreneurs experience in the first few years of business. But they don't have to!

If you can afford $27, then save yourself the hassle and figure out your numbers immediately. You can thank me later. 



I'm a business coach and strategist for conscious entrepreneurs that want to earn more without sacrificing their time and freedom. I help them create multiple streams of income and build better plans. 

I’ve worked with a small business that had a team and millions of dollars in funding from the World Bank to ones with only a $100 in capital. I’ve even helped someone turn scribbles on a post-it into a revenue-generating business with enough word of mouth traffic to go without a website. 

I’m not here to sell you my lifestyle, blueprint or dream. I want you to create the life and business you want. Only you can define this. My job is to help you achieve it by awakening new thoughts and bolder actions. We all deserve a journey that’s easier and more fulfilling. The Lifestyle Planner is one way to make this possible.