Let's Work One-on-One Together


Option 1
We Build a Business!


Oprah, Marie Forleo, Airbnb, Sophia Amoruso.

What they built didn’t happen overnight. 

Like them, you’re meant to do something BIG and BOLD. Bigger than who you are and where you are today. 

Like them, you have to start somewhere and grow into your vision, day by day, layer by layer. 

What’s her name’s blueprint and cheat sheets don’t go where you want to go.

Because like them, you’re the exception. 

I offer coaching packages ranging from 4 months to 12 months, when you’re ready to grow into YOUR vision but want a companion to make the journey easier. As your guide, I’ll help you:

  • Transition from employee to full-time business owner
  • Get more clients and develop your own client attraction system
  • Generate money consistently
  • Develop multiple streams of revenue
  • Make time to eat, sleep and party (plus afford to never show up empty handed)

Want to know how I can do this for you, then schedule a call with me and I’ll show you. Packages start at $2,900 (payment arrangements are available by request). 



Option 2
We Solve a Problem!


Have an immediate problem that’s creating a roadblock in your business?

  • Not sure how to price and package your offers so you can reach your income goals without scaring away leads?
  • Need to identify your unfair advantage or primary and secondary target audience so you can be more deliberate with your marketing?
  • Need to create an additional source of income stat, but don’t know if it should be a course, book, etc. or the easiest way to do it?
  • Need passive income so you can work less but can’t create it because you don’t have enough time?

I can help. These are good problems to have. In most cases, I can get past your hurdle in 90 minutes or less. Let me know what you’re struggling with and I’ll tell you how I can help and how long it will take.

60 Mins - $500
90 Mins - $700
Package of three (3) 90-Minute sessions - $1,800