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  A mashup of all the annoying skeptics in your life that have ever been right, but without the "I told you so..." 

Resources used in the training: Profit Planner (for full spreadsheet) or Lifestyle Planner (if you just want to calculate your income goals).


I'm Chandra Scott

I'm a business coach and strategist for conscious entrepreneurs that want to earn more without sacrificing their time and freedom. I help them create multiple streams of income and build better plans. 

I’ve worked with a small business that had a team and millions of dollars in funding from the World Bank to ones with only a $100 in capital. I’ve even helped someone turn scribbles on a post-it into a revenue-generating business with enough word of mouth traffic to go without a website. 

I’m not here to sell you my lifestyle, blueprint or dream. I want you to create the life and business you want. Only you can define this. My job is to help you achieve it by awakening new thoughts and bolder actions. We all deserve a journey that’s easier and more fulfilling. The Genius Planner is one way to make this possible.