I'm Chandra Scott.

I help entrepreneurs like you...

  • Create multiple streams of revenue so you can increase your income by leveraging and diversifying your resources without putting all your eggs in one basket. 
  • Price and Package your offers so they not only benefit your clients but also support the biz and lifestyle you desire.
  • Build better quarterly action plans that align with both your strengths and values so you actually follow through on them.
  • Replace your day job's income with your business' and balance the transition so you don't burn out. 


I'm a small business strategist for conscious entrepreneurs who want to earn more without sacrificing their time and freedom. I help them create multiple streams of income as well as Price and Package their offers. 

I’ve worked with a small business that had a team and millions of dollars in funding from the World Bank to ones with only a $100 in capital. I’ve even help turn scribbles on a post-it into a revenue-generating business with enough word of mouth traffic to go without a website. 

I’m not here to sell you my lifestyle, blueprint or dream. I want you to create the life and business you want. Only you can define this. My job is to help you achieve it by awakening new thoughts and bolder actions. We all deserve a journey that’s easier and more fulfilling. 



Nicole Bonsol Testimonial

"When I first started out on this entrepreneurial path, I was SO. SCARED. I was constantly anxious about “having enough”. Always afraid that the floor of financial security would drop out from under me at any time. I avoided putting out newsletters or doing marketing outreach because I was afraid of being rejected – or worse, ignored.

I know for sure that if I had tried to do this without my coach, Chandra Scott, I would not have come this far on my own. I still have bouts of fear and doubt today, of course, but I’ve also been blessed with so many wins this year. Without Chandra, I would have set much more conservative goals for myself. When we’re planning she always encourages me to believe in myself and set my expectations a little higher. I’m proud of myself for achieving many of those goals, and so GRATEFUL that Chandra’s been there to help me get out of my own way.

I've invested about $10K in working with Chandra so far. It was a big investment and commitment, and part of me was scared that I wouldn’t make enough money to recoup the cost. But now, I’m 8 months into the year and I’ve surprised myself by hitting my income goals.

Today, I’m able to give gifts, donations, and Kickstarter contributions to the people and causes I really care about. When going out with friends, I don’t worry about splitting the check anymore. I have a savings account again."

Nicole Bonsol, content-writer and graphic designer for healers,