How to Stay Motivated When You'd Rather Camp on the Couch With a Vat of Gelato.

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Now that we're eight months into 2015, there are only four months left. (When did this happen?!?)

But in all seriousness, as this season wanes, like me, you may be feeling heaps of shifts. Both of the internal and external variety. 

You're probably also wondering, where you go from here? 

And if you've been unmotivated lately (or for a while), then the thought of just getting a "job" has grown more audible in that mind of yours. 

Shhh. You don't want a job! 

In either case, what you're experiencing is actually a good thing.

This just means you're ready to shed whatever is holding you back. The sooner you stop to do this, the quicker things will transition or turn around. 


Here's what you do...

Start by asking yourself these 2 questions: 

  1. What do I love about my life and my business right now? 
    Be specific. Even mention mundane things that you'd never utter out loud. This should take you more than 10 minutes. 


  2. What about my life and my business annoys me right now? 
    Again, be specific. Let it all out. Don't hold back. 



What to take away from this...

The first question is a reminder of what you love and what is still working for you. Do more of this. Find a way to make this happen! 

And the stuff that annoys you. Find a way to change them. This is what's bringing you down. 

Remember how you felt after answering the first question? Didn't your body feel light and expansive? This vibration will help  you'll reach your next level or that big goal of yours. 

The way you felt after the second question... That's the feeling of stuck energy. It lowers your vibration and makes it difficult for change to come about. (And it's normal.) 

It's often these things, people and beliefs that got you where you are today. And it's exactly what will prevent you from reaching your next big goal or desire. 

The thing is, you could take all the right actions and follow the best blueprints...

But if you have stuck energy, you'll just work harder and end up with less to show for yourself.

You don't want that. And I don't want that for you.

So, what big desire are you working on? 

Well, it will happen when you tackle the issues presented in question #2. 

**I know that sounds exhausting, but for now just start with the items that are the easiest to address. And don't be afraid to find creative solutions or to ask for help.** 

Chandra Scott

I’m a Business Coach & Whole Life Strategist for women entrepreneurs with service based businesses. Think Consultants, Coaches, Healers, or other out of the box service providers. I believe your soul is your one true compass and your soul desires provide all the answers. Therefore, your path is unique and has its own blueprint. I believe the ego is often misunderstood. It's your personal reference tool and yellow traffic light. I also believe that when you heal your business, you can heal your life. I'm into spirituality, Law of Attraction, epigenetics, metaphysics, all things energy, math, sex and raw/clean/slow food. I'm also really into my son. He’s outrageously lovable and turns two in July. If you're not into Law of Attraction, energy and anything metaphysical, then my style won't resonate with you.