I’m a Business Coach and Whole Life Strategist for women entrepreneurs with service based business.  
(Think Consultants, Coaches, Healers, or other out of the box service providers.)

I believe your soul is your one true compass and makes your path unique. And your soul desires provide all the answers.

I believe the ego is often misunderstood. It’s your personal reference tool. It's also your yellow traffic light. 

I’m into spirituality, Law of Attraction, epigenetics, metaphysics, all things energy, math, sex and raw/clean/slow food.

If you're not into Law of Attraction, energy and anything metaphysical then my style won't resonate with you.


WHAT I can help you with:

- You’re not in love with your business anymore and need answers/direction NOW because your livelihood is at stake.

- You’ve lost your passion and want to find it again.

- You wish you had more time or money for ______________.

- You want to create additional revenue streams but don’t know what it should be or how to go about it?

- You want to create passive income (products, courses, etc) but you’ re too busy and can’t find the time.

- You want to change your business model so you can have a better lifestyle or just accommodate the many changes in your life.

Want to talk and find out exactly how I can help and if we're a good fit? Shoot me an email and we'll schedule a call.