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I’m a Business Coach & Whole Life Strategist for women entrepreneurs with service based businesses. Think Consultants, Coaches, Healers, or other out of the box service providers.

I believe your soul is your one true compass and your soul desires provide all the answers. Therefore, your path is unique and has its own blueprint.

I believe the ego is often misunderstood. It's your personal reference tool and yellow traffic light.

I also believe that when you heal your business, you can heal your life. 

I'm into spirituality, Law of Attraction,  epigenetics, metaphysics, all things energy, math, sex and raw/clean/slow food. 

I'm also really into my son. He’s outrageously lovable and turns two in July. 

If you're not into Law of Attraction, energy and anything metaphysical, then my style won't resonate with you.