Are You Attracting Your Ideal Client?

Most people have little trouble attracting the types of people they enjoy working with and yet are frustrated because they aren’t buying from them immediately. They love you and your services/programs but just aren’t ready to buy yet.

What gives?

They’re not really your ideal client.

No, really. They just aren’t.

Allow me to explain.

First, you’ve got your target audience, the core group of people or demographic you serve. This audience could even be narrowed down to a particular niche.

Within your target audience, you’ve got the people you most enjoy working with. These clients are a joy to work with. They get you. You get them. They love everything you have to offer and get the most results. They also rave about you thus sending you referrals. Some are ready to work with you immediately.  Others take 6 months to a year to turn into paying clients. Their excuse is usually time or money. But they usually come back to you when their situation gets worse.

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Your Ideal Clients are the type of people that you most enjoy working with AND they happen to be ready to buy from you immediately.  This is because they’re in a madly uncomfortable situation and they urgently want to get rid of the discomfort or simply move past it. Getting out of this uncomfortable situation is their top priority and you're their saving grace. They realize that your solution (your service/program) may be the best way to end their suffering.

It's all about priorities.

Priorities are constantly shifting. When I wake up in the morning, a priority of mine is to eat breakfast. This is more important than planning my 30th birthday that's approaching 5 months from now or getting a new client. Believe me, all of these things are important to me but food is by far number 1. Once I’ve eaten, it’s no longer a priority. Suddenly, getting a new client has become my number 1 priority. I really, really want an epic birthday bash but I want to make sure I have the funds to create more possibilities for how I'll make this year epic. Your priorities may be different from mine but the point is you’ll always address you top priority first and then something else will take it’s place as priority numero uno. 

The same is true for your prospective clients.

Your Ideal Client is the person you most enjoy working with whose top priority happens to be a problem you have a solution for.

These are the people you should be targeting when you go in search of your ideal clients on and offline. This is who your sales page should speak to. This is whose needs your signature talk should address.

You’ll still attract everyone else you most enjoy working with, but now more of them will be ready to buy from you immediately instead of just hanging around and leaving you hot and bothered for months.

When it comes to finding them...

You can find your Ideal Clients hanging out in the same places where the group of people you most enjoy working with are BUT there are some places where your Ideal Clients spend a lot more time than your favorite groupies. Target those places and it will be easier to get paying clients now.

Want to know the specific places on and offline to find your ideal clients?

Want to know how to attract more clients that are ready, willing and able to buy from you now? 

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