Free Live Workshop on December 2, 2014

Remember the last time you asked the Universe for a sign or an answer to your prayer? 

And it showed up big time. Loud and Clear. 

Then you replied, "No. I need to work on my business. I can't afford to take time away right now." 

As service based entrepreneurs, time and money is both our biggest worry and most common excuse. Especially during the first couple years when we're building everything from scratch.


What if you knew the money was going to show up. I'm talking hardcore proof an accountant would certify. 


What would you suddenly say yes to?

Would you go away for a whole month?
Would you start dating again?
Would you have that baby?
Would you take that class?
Would you finally let yourself heal?
Would you have more sex?

How would you feel?

What would your business and life be like if you carried that feeling into every action you took?

What could unfold for you?


Want to find out? 

Then come play with me...


Join me on Wednesday, December 2nd @ 2PM - 4PM EST


This is a Live Workshop and it's FREE. 

We're going dig into your business and declare what's really not serving YOU and the immediate changes you can make to get more of what you want. 

It's going to be fun, raw and dirty. You can't to miss this. But if you must, it will be recorded. Just make sure you register for the call to receive it. 


You'll also walk away knowing...

  • How to generate your yearly income goal in the next 6 months so you stop worrying about money. 

  • The 5 most important elements you must consider when creating and pricing your Offers.

  • How these 5 elements are the root of your self-sabotage.

  • How to create less overwhelm so you can have more time and money for real fun.

  • How to make more money by doing less marketing. 


This Workshop is for you if...

  • You're a service based entrepreneur. 
  • You want to make decisions from a place of love instead of fear.
  • You're pissed off at your business for controlling your life.
  • You want to say YES more and really LIVE your life. 
  • You're done saying someday. 
  • You want to show up and walk away with some concrete answers you can take powerful action with. 
  • You're sick of being jealous of others for having time to do all the things you're missing out on.

Should You Start a Beta Program?

A client in my current Beta Program just put together an awesome program but because this is her first real program she’s questioning a few things? So during our latest Q&A call, she asked me if she should offer her newest program as a beta program? 

Her program is simple and effective. She does for clients what they’re unable to do for themselves. More importantly, she’s more than capable of delivering the service and, no matter what, her clients will be better off after working with her.  

Given the circumstance, I said yes. I also explained why and gave her some other options.

It’s a really great question and the inspiration behind this blog post. 

If you’re wondering what a beta program is all about and if you should do one, then keep reading. 

The word beta is pretty common in the tech world but it can also apply to smaller service based businesses, whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve been in the game 10+ years. 

The word beta, is really a disclaimer that says, “we’re still figuring shit out and we can’t figure this out without you.” 

Because here’s the thing, live interaction provides the best data and feedback. This information can tell you a lot, such as how best to market the program and what features to keep, replace, or eliminate. Basically, it can provide answers for anything you’re genius mind questions.

It also creates accountability and the motivation to keep going because someone else is counting on you to deliver on your promises. #nopressure

You’re no longer daydreaming or talking about what you wish you could do. You’re in action building something that matters. 

So what’s the difference between a regular program and a beta program?

Very little! They’re both programs. Beta simply implies that things are still evolving and may have a few kinks from time to time. However this can also be true for a program that doesn’t come with a disclaimer. 

Businesses across all industries are always looking for ways to improve upon something they’ve already created. They do it because they’re curious, because innovation is exciting and to stay competitive.

Launching a beta program may be a good idea for you if you’re new in business or you just want to try something new or different in your existing business. The disclaimer can relieve a lot of the self imposed pressure and stress that comes with creating something that’s near and dear to your heart.

More than anything running a beta program is a mindset. Nothing more and nothing less. And to run a successful beta program, here are the 3 most important mindsets to have:

  1. Take this endeavor seriously. Give it your best. Running a beta program removes a lot of self imposed pressure. You can give yourself the liberty to play, figure things out and openly admit that you may not know everything… just yet.

    Truthfully, you’ll never know everything.  

    Somewhere in our lives, we’ve been conditioned to believe that being a professional, the boss, an authority or just an adult means that we know a lot… or at the very least what we’re taking about.

    This conditioning is ego based, so let it go. Right now it’s not serving you.

    A lot is riding on this. You could have an amazing program on your hand. You could get testimonials. You could have beta clients that remain with you when you finish beta testing. They could even remain loyal clients for years. You could open yourself up to unimaginable opportunities. Anything and everything is possible.

  2. Be curious. Be open minded. Be observant.

    The outcome just might surprise you.

    When Viagra was first created, the intention was to treat high blood pressure and angina; a type of heart disease. During clinical trials; basically a beta test, they were disappointed because they weren't getting the results they hoped for. However, they noticed an increase in the number of erections many of the trial participants were experiencing.

    An erection is a luxury some men with high blood pressure and certain types of heart disease have difficulty experiencing for a number of reasons.

    If Pfizer was solely committed to creating a high blood pressure medicine they never would have noticed this new opportunity. Instead of marketing for high blood pressure, they decided to market the drug for erectile disfunction. It was a more lucrative option. Erectile disfunction was a growing problem and competition wasn’t as stiff as the market for high blood pressure. Pun fully intended. 

    Point is you never really know what you’re going to end up with. Have an intention but don’t be committed to a particular outcome.

    I love helping my clients uncover hidden potential in their endeavors. It’s surprising for all of us. I love surprises, especially when anything and everything is possible.

    And as I’m in the midst of my own Beta Program, I’m constantly sparked by something new and interesting. In this program I cover everything teach my Private One-on-One clients. However, I’m testing what it’s like to deliver everything to a group, while incorporating training videos, and having a rolling enrollment. It's fun observing what happens as I add new variables to the equation. (Yes, I’m a closeted math and science geek.) I’m just giddy with excitement.

  3. Have a sense of humor. Adopt one if you have to. Find ways to enjoy the process by creating space for laughter.

    In business, there’s plenty to cry about.

    Laughter is both an art and a choice.

    So laugh. Laugh till it hurts. Laugh till your eyes water and you’re literally rolling on the floor gasping for air.  ROTFL had to have come from somewhere!

    Laugh at yourself.
    Laugh at the absurdity of life around you.
    Laugh at your ego.
    Laugh at your haters.
    Laugh because you have way more supporters than you know.
    Laugh because you’re actually turning your dream into a reality.
    Laugh because you might actually be crazy.

    Just laugh and keep and going.

    And when it's all over, go ahead and laugh at your growing bank account. 

Why It’s Not a Big Deal That You Don’t Have a Website Yet, What People Are REALLY Saying When They Ask If You Do + How You Can Make MORE Money Than Someone Who Has One

So you’re telling someone about your new business, you’re excited because they seem moderately interested in what you’re talking about, and then comes the big question…

“So, what’s your website?”


You feel awkward, embarrassed and probably stammer out something like “Um...Well... I really have been meaning to get one up, but you know, I haven’t gotten around it it yet, and, um, well… I’ll let you know when I do get one…”  Meanwhile, your new-found enthusiasm plummets as you wonder how you’re ever going to come across professional -- let alone make any money -- if you don’t even have a website yet.  It IS the 21st century after all.

Let me stop you right there.

Yes, it’s the 21st century.  Yes, it would be nice if you had one, and it would add a degree of professionalism.  But really, since when does one degree make that much difference anyway? 

The reality is, plenty of people make really good money with NO website, and you can, too. 

Let me explain.   First off, here’s why you don’t have to feel awkward in these conversations: 

In these situations, you kinda feel like you’re being put to the test, and then failing.  But the reality is, they are NOT trying to test you --hell, they probably wouldn’t even know what to test you on if you asked them to. 

You see, for many people, “Do you have a website?” is just the best response they know how to give when they hear that someone is starting a new business.  It’s just small talk.  It’s just something to say.  It’s really NOT a test.  They want to be supportive & show that they’re interested, but they just don’t know what to say -- especially if they aren’t entrepreneurial themselves.

How do I know this? 

My hairdresser told me. :) 

It wasn’t on this exact question.  The topic was babies and she asked, “So, is he sleeping through the night yet?”

I said, “I don’t even know what that means.  Is that even a real thing, do babies really sleep through the night?”

And that’s when she said it.  She give me a bigger insight into interpersonal dynamics than I ever would have guessed.

“Oh, I don’t know, I thought that’s just what people say.  I always hear people ask that when someone has a baby. Does it not make sense?”

Bingo. It’s just not a great question to ask.  Wouldn’t it be better to ask if I was happy than if my baby was sleeping through the night?  Wouldn’t it be better to ask if I was healthy?  Wouldn’t it be better to ask if I needed any help? 

But she simply didn’t know any better.

Likewise, to the average person who doesn’t know what it is to have a business, asking if you have a website is just a guage that they use.  It’s something to ask.  It would be better to ask whether you’ve helped people.  It would be better to ask whether you’re making money.  It would be better to ask how you find clients.

But they simply don’t know any better.

So they ask if you have a website. Make sense?


Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s talk about what you SHOULD say in those conversations instead of clamming up and thinking “Oh, my God.”

Take this as an opportunity.  This is someone who is TRYING to show you that they are interested in what you’re up to, so engage them in a conversation.  Ask them about their experience with the problem you help people with, ask them if they know other people who are face that problem. 

If they ARE someone who has that problem, then here’s where you’re in luck...

See, if you had a website, it would be easy to just tell them your web address and leave the ball in their lap to send you an email.

But that wouldn’t serve either of you very well, because chances are they’d get busy & forget, and you’d have no way to get in touch with them. 

Instead, try something like this:

“Actually, I find that for people who are really struggling with [insert the problem you help people solve] the best way to help them is to just get on the phone with them to talk about their particular situation.”

You might even add:

“Of course, down the road I will have a website built when the timing is right, but in the meantime, I really find that talking to people one-on-one is the best way to help them as well as grow my business.”


Instead of feeling awkward & embarrassed and -- at best -- seeming unprepared, you have suddenly come across as smart and business savvy. 

Plus, you’ve positioned yourself well to invite them to have an interview or sales call with you and a sales call will make a new entrepreneur far more money than sending them to your website and asking them to email you ever would have. 

Got it?  Feel Better?  Have any questions? 

Please post your comments below & let me know how it goes next time somebody asks whether YOU have a website up yet.  :)

Are You Attracting Your Ideal Client?

Most people have little trouble attracting the types of people they enjoy working with and yet are frustrated because they aren’t buying from them immediately. They love you and your services/programs but just aren’t ready to buy yet.

What gives?

They’re not really your ideal client.

No, really. They just aren’t.

Allow me to explain.

First, you’ve got your target audience, the core group of people or demographic you serve. This audience could even be narrowed down to a particular niche.

Within your target audience, you’ve got the people you most enjoy working with. These clients are a joy to work with. They get you. You get them. They love everything you have to offer and get the most results. They also rave about you thus sending you referrals. Some are ready to work with you immediately.  Others take 6 months to a year to turn into paying clients. Their excuse is usually time or money. But they usually come back to you when their situation gets worse.

ideal client image for blog EDIT.jpg

Your Ideal Clients are the type of people that you most enjoy working with AND they happen to be ready to buy from you immediately.  This is because they’re in a madly uncomfortable situation and they urgently want to get rid of the discomfort or simply move past it. Getting out of this uncomfortable situation is their top priority and you're their saving grace. They realize that your solution (your service/program) may be the best way to end their suffering.

It's all about priorities.

Priorities are constantly shifting. When I wake up in the morning, a priority of mine is to eat breakfast. This is more important than planning my 30th birthday that's approaching 5 months from now or getting a new client. Believe me, all of these things are important to me but food is by far number 1. Once I’ve eaten, it’s no longer a priority. Suddenly, getting a new client has become my number 1 priority. I really, really want an epic birthday bash but I want to make sure I have the funds to create more possibilities for how I'll make this year epic. Your priorities may be different from mine but the point is you’ll always address you top priority first and then something else will take it’s place as priority numero uno. 

The same is true for your prospective clients.

Your Ideal Client is the person you most enjoy working with whose top priority happens to be a problem you have a solution for.

These are the people you should be targeting when you go in search of your ideal clients on and offline. This is who your sales page should speak to. This is whose needs your signature talk should address.

You’ll still attract everyone else you most enjoy working with, but now more of them will be ready to buy from you immediately instead of just hanging around and leaving you hot and bothered for months.

When it comes to finding them...

You can find your Ideal Clients hanging out in the same places where the group of people you most enjoy working with are BUT there are some places where your Ideal Clients spend a lot more time than your favorite groupies. Target those places and it will be easier to get paying clients now.

Want to know the specific places on and offline to find your ideal clients?

Want to know how to attract more clients that are ready, willing and able to buy from you now? 

Click here to check out my FREE Training Call where I teach exactly how